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We came into the LED Lighting and LED display screen system industry to offer top-notch
hi-tech performance LED application products with regards to quality, efficiency and safety to satisfy the changing needs of our clients worldwide.

DJ Lights

Led Lighting System Design

  • LED Lighting system development, design and manufacture

At Bright-Land Hi-Tech Limited, we design and manufacture top quality LED lighting systems for homes, offices and various industries. We achieve this by studying and following our client needs closely to manufacture exactly to their requirements.


Bright-Land Hi-Tech Limited prides itself with the production of hi-tech performance LED application products for every industry, homes and offices. We take the budget of our clients into consideration to design and manufacture top-notch quality LED lighting systems within their means.

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  • Home Automation

We give a complete digital touch to your home to make it worth coming to. We are referring to a total smart home from your main gate through to your bedroom being smartly controlled through your smart phone or tablet.

We make use of top-notch technologies to give you a digital touch access to your compound, your kitchen, living room, bedroom and garage. We work in close collaboration with our Smart Technology partners to satisfy all your home automation needs.

Peaceful Home
  • LED lighting consultancy

We provide professional advice with regards to LED lighting usage and purchase to suit the exact needs and taste of our clients. We have realized that most of our clients come to us with no or little adequate knowledge and expertise in what they really want us to do for them with regards to their lighting needs. This prompted us to offer such an important Lighting delivery service to ensure that we use the Right Light for the Right Area and Space.

Energy Efficiency Consultation
  • Indoor and outdoor LED display screen system development, design and manufacture

The advertisement industry is not left out from our hi-tech touch to hi-performance LED application products. We manufacture cutting edge LED display screens for stages, television studios, sports stadiums and other industries.


Our LED display screens come in ranges such is the Inner and outer curved outdoor & indoor LED display screens, Tri-sided, Dual sided, Long Strip and Round Shaped LED display screens customized to satisfy the requirements of our clients. We work with our clients to create a breathtaking LED display product to make their intended use worthy. Call on us today for all your LED display needs.     

  • Architectural design and drawing

This department enables us to provide a one-stop-shop service to our clients from the conceptual, design and finishing stages of their buildings be it a house, an office, a show room or a factory. We provide a hi-tech touch from the beginning to the end of every aspect of an edifice. Our architects are professionally endowed with knowledge in international architectural designs and drawings. We draw to suit the design taste of our clients.

Architectural Plans
  • Interior and exterior decoration

We give a breathtaking touch to the interior and exterior finishing of homes, offices and various industries. We take our clients through the conceptual, design and to the finishing stages of the interior design needs for their homes, offices and industries.

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  • Hi-tech LED signage

We provide a complete hi-tech LED 3D signage solution from the development stage, design and installation stages.


LED 3D signage is one of the hi-performance and versatile signage types around the world because of its high
eye-catching visuals in various media.
At Bright-Land Hi-Tech Limited, we are specialized in the manufacture of hi-tech LED signage for both written and image forms for various industries.

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Aluminum Lightbox

Our aluminum light boxes, fabric light boxes, and many more are tailor-made to meet the advertisement needs of our cherished clients across a wide range of industries.

Alu lightbox.jpg
10-Led Chandelier.png

Development, design and installation stages.

We provide a complete hi-tech LED design and signage solutions. At Bright-Land Hi-Tech Limited, we are specialized in the manufacture of hi-tech LED signage for both written and image forms for various industries.

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