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We give a breathtaking touch to the interior and exterior finishing of homes, offices and various industries.

  1. Pendant lights and the like

  2. Surface lights

  3. Ceiling lights

  4. Wall lights

  5. Down lights

  6. Atex LED explosion proof flood lights: Canopy, Flooflight, Streetlights, SM Lights

7. Stage lights

8. Tunnel lights

9. Garden lights

10. Mining Lighting

11. Commercial Lighitng: Offices, Educational Institutions, SuperMarkets & Malls

12. Custom Lighting Design

21-Led Inground Lights 2
22-Led Garden Path Light 2
23-Led Tube-Strip-Bulbs 2
19-Led Cabinet Lights 2
20-Led Outdoor Wall lights 2
20-Led Outdoor Wall lights 3
20-Led Outdoor Wall lights
17-Led Grille Lights
12-Office Pendant
10-Led Chandelier
8-Led Pendants 2
7-Led Bathroom Lights
5-Led Step Light
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