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Urban Modern Interior Design

First to create, first to innovate

Since 2005

Interior Decoration


LED Industrial Lights

As powerful as daylight for clear visual operations in industry, factory and many more.

23-Led Tube-Strip-Bulbs 2.png

LED Tube Rib bulbs

for book cases, shelfs, study areas and many more creative ideas

Cozy Sophistication

We give a breathtaking touch to the interior and exterior finishing of homes, offices and various industries.


Feel the Natural Ambience

for your cozy spaces

We take our clients through the conceptual, design and to the finishing stages of the interior design needs for their homes, offices and industries.

Brands & Designers

New Arrivals

Layer 4.png
20-Led Outdoor Wall lights 2.png
11-Led Table Lamps 3.png
23-Led Tube-Strip-Bulbs.png
13-Led Panels 2.png
10-Led Chandelier 2.png
6-Led Reading Lights.png
5-Led Step Light 3.png
Layer 2.png
Marble Surface


Hi-tech LED signage

LED 3D signage is one of the hi-performance and versatile signage types around the world because of its high eye-catching visuals in various media.

10-Led Chandelier.png

Development, design and installation stages.

We provide a complete hi-tech LED design and signage solutions. At Bright-Land Hi-Tech Limited, we are specialized in the manufacture of hi-tech LED signage for both written and image forms for various industries.

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