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digital strip BL-WS-32

Standard:DC5V 10W/m 256 grade greycale

Description:digital strip with IC WS2801

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  • Introduction
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  • Features
    High flux out put and low thermal resistance
    Small size LED and slim strip
    No concern the polarity to set up.
    stable brightness with unstable power 
    30led/m and 30 IC built-inside LED 
    Relieve wire-twist with flexible stopper
    Grade Greyscale:256
    very slim shell, suitable for spacious conditions
    lower light decay and high brightness smd led
    easy installation with 3m double-sided tape 
    3 years warranty
    IP20-67, weatherproof, applicable for dry, wet, damp environment
  • Applications
    WS IC Digital Strip Series are very flexible products, you can use them to create fantastic lighting performance,
    typically for:
    1) signage lighting                      5) under cabinet lighting
    2) channel letter                           6) shop window decoration
    3) reverse channel letter               7) strip mall decoration
    4) lighting box                             8) contour marking

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